Video: After Adira, Rani Mukerji plans to have another baby?

Rani Mukerji plans


Rani Mukerji celebrates her birthday tomorrow. She had taken a hiatus from films after Mardaani for her newborn child Adira and will be back on the big screen soon with Hichki.

Rani Mukerji plans

Surprising all her fans, Rani decided to go live today on YRF’s official page on Facebook and revealed something really interesting about her family.

A fan of hers asked her a very confusing question about Adita’s sister or brother and then something about launch. In fact, Rani, too, was confused about it. But the reply she gave turned out to be really sweet.

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Rani read the question which was, ‘When does Adira’s sister or brother launch?’ Yes that’s what this fan of hers asked. Damn confusing right? So Rani deduced this, “What you are meaning to say is when Adira will be having a baby brother or a sister? I think I will do some films for my fans, take a break and then come back.” Can you blame her? It was incoherent anyway. But we loved the reply.

It means Rani has plans of having a second child but that will only happen after a few films. And for that we are really glad. She has been away from the big screen for quite some time now and we feel she should return soon enough. Check out the video right here.

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Posted by YRF – Yash Raj Films on 20 मार्च 2017

Rani is finally coming back on the big screen with a women-centric film titled Hichki. Directed by Siddharth P Malhotra, Hichki is a YRF venture that’s basically said to center around a woman who turns her biggest weakness into her biggest strength.

Speaking of which, an excited Rani has issued an official statement saying, “I was looking for a script that would challenge and excite me, and Hichki came my way. Each of us has a weakness that pulls us back. It could be a disability or any condition but if we just look at it as simply a hiccup, we can emerge as a winner. It won’t come in the way of achieving our dreams. Hichki is built on this positive premise and I decided to take it up.”