Super Tips To Prevent Kidney Diseases

Prevent Kidney Diseases


Kidney diseases are always near and around us with the changing lifestyle and food habits. There are many awareness campaigns going on all around the world to educate people about kidney diseases, its Prevent Kidney Diseases and management.

Prevent Kidney Diseases

The major causes of kidney diseases are genetic problems, injuries, medicines, diabetes and high blood pressure. Damage to the nephrons can lead to a permanent damage to the kidneys.

March 9th of every year is considered as the World Kidney Day to spread the awareness about kidney health. This will cover most of the aspects of kidney care. Every year, there is a unique theme that raises one important aspect of kidney care for the people.

The aim of the World Kidney Day 2017 is promoting education on the consequences of obesity and its association with kidney disease. This is a topic that is not discussed much in the management of kidney care. But, it is a fact the obesity is an important reason why kidney diseases can be caused.

The effect of obesity can be direct or indirect. It increases the risk of developing major risk factors of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), diabetes and hypertension. It directly causes CKD and end-stage renal disease (ESRD). In obese people, kidney has to work more to meet the metabolic demands by filtering more blood, which ultimately results in CKD in the long term.

So, our major goal should be to have a check on our weight and fight obesity. Let’s also have a look at some of the tips that can help prevent kidney disease.

Stay Hydrated :

Water intake is an important factor that determines your kidney health. More water will promote good blood flow and better the excretion of waste products. Moreover, drinking enough water will help to prevent stone formation by the accumulation of stone-removing factors.

Weight Management :

Since World Kidney Day 2017 is focused on obesity, you have to be very careful in maintaining a healthy weight. Make sure to check your body mass index value regularly for a better kidney health. Diet planning and exercise will be the best ideas that will work.

Have A Balanced Diet :

Prefer foods that will not trigger kidney diseases, especially stones. The added additives and taste makers in fast foods can cause serious and irreversible damage to your kidneys. So, focus more on good and healthy foods that will not harm your kidneys.

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Exercise Every Day :

Good blood flow is important for the normal functioning of the kidney. Doing some exercises like cardio workouts will also help to improve the overall blood flow of the body. This will help in the smooth functioning of the kidneys. Also, this will help to manage obesity.

Monitor Blood Pressure :

Increased blood pressure is the greatest enemy of your kidney. There will be more chances for you to get afftected by kidney diseases if you have high BP along with diabetes, high cholesterol or other cardiovascular diseases. Obesity and high blood pressure are also interlinked.

Go For Regular Diabetes :

Check-ups Obese people are under the risk of having diabetes. These together contribute to kidney diseases. Diabetes can directly affect the functioning of the kidneys, which is known as diabetic nephropathy. So, go for regular check-ups and make sure that you are safe.

Don’t Go For Self Medication :

Don’t take any medications without the prescription of a doctor even if it is a health supplement. Taking over-the-counter pills can damage your kidneys due to the effect of the drug. For example, common drugs like ibuprofen and other painkillers are known to cause kidney problems.

Go For Regular Health Check-ups :

It is recommended to have a renal function test done at least once in a year. This will help you to get an idea of your kidney health. Consult a doctor for reviewing the result. Urea, creatinine, uric acid and electrolytes are the major parameters that are associated with renal function.

Don’t let obesity rule your kidney health!! Let’s walk hand in hand towards the common aim of the World Kidney Day 2017.

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