Retired SBI clerk donates 1 crore to welfare of Indian soldiers families

Retired SBI clerk donates 1 crore to Indian Army


A story of a retired bank employee from Bhavnagar, Gujarat, is doing rounds in social media for his noble work.

SBI clerk donates 1 crore Indian Army

Mr Janardan Bhatt, who retired SBI as a clerk, has donated Rs one crore to Indian Army for the welfare of our soldiers families. The Bhatt couple don’t have children. Hence they decided to lifetime savings to the welfare of soldiers families.

Mr Bhatt said, “I don’t have children but the soldiers who are fighting on our border are also my children and it’s my responsibility to do something for them and their families.”

According to reports, the elderly man has a record of being a Good Samaritan of sorts, as all his life he tried to help everyone. Even as a union leader he solved many problems of his co-workers.

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