Petrol, Diesel Cost Hiked by Rs 1.39 and 1.04 per litre

Petrol, Diesel Price Hiked


The Indian oil corporation tonight Announced a hike in the cost of petrol and Diesel by Rs 1.39 and Rs 1.04 per litre respectively for sync with firming international Rates. This Cost hike will be effective from the midnight. The central Government allows to Oil companies in India can change the fuel rates everyday instead of the current system of every 15 day review.

today petrol price

The central Government Announced Petrol Price Cut By Rs 3.77 and Diesel By Rs 2.91 per litre on April 1.But Now Petrol and Diesel Price hike likely to affect the prices of basic commodities like vegetable. The current level of international product prices of petrol and diesel and INR-USD exchange rate warrant increase in selling price of petrol and diesel.

Currently Petrol Price in Delhi Rs 66.29 and Diesel Price is Rs 55.61 Per litre. Yesterday evening Long Queues were seen Outside of petrol pumps for fill petrol before cost hike effective.

Now Petrol Price in Chennai Rs 69.28 and Diesel Price is Rs 58.82 Per litre.


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