At least 15 peoples arrested due to protest against trump’s tax returns

Donald trump's tax returns


At least 15 peoples were arrested due to protest against US President Donald trump’s tax returns. More than 1000 protesters protest across the US streets against trump’s tax returns.

Donald Trump’s tax returns

The arrests took place on Saturday in Berkeley, California, when fistfights broke out between supporters and opponents of the President.

There are two peoples were injured while fight.

Police throws tear gas while fight. They had found some peoples having prohibited items including a knife, helmets, clubs and a fake pistol.

Organizers of “Tax March” in more than 150 cities across the country and beyond wanted to call attention to Trump’s refusal to disclose his tax history, as his White House predecessors have done for more than 40 years.

The protest coincide with the traditional April 15 deadline for U.S. federal tax returns, though the filing date was pushed backed two days this year.

In New York, hundreds of people carrying anti-Trump signs and effigies of the President gathered in downtown Bryant Park, from where they marched to Trump Tower.

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Activists in Florida held dozens of marches around the state, in front of the condominiums at Trump Plaza in West Palm Beach and the entrance of his Mar-a-Lago mansion, where he is spending the weekend with his family.

The movement calls for “transparency” and complains in a statement on its Web site that “despite intense public pressure, President Trump has not yet done so (published his tax returns) – breaking with 40 years of precedent in the process.”

The statement rejects the Trump government’s excuse that “people don’t care,” and recalls an ABC/Washington Post survey that showed 74 per cent of Americans, including more than half of Republicans, want to know the president’s tax history.

During Trump’s presidential campaign, he kept postponing the release of his tax returns with the excuse that they were under audit.

Two days after he entered the White House, Presidential Adviser Kellyanne Conway said Trump was not going to disclose his tax situation because it became obvious during the campaign that US citizens really did not care about the matter.

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