Hospitals severally hit by cyber attack in England

England cyber attack


The health services were severally affected across the Britain after an alleged cyber attack. The hospitals and trusts are struggling with the attack and the patients have been advised not to visit hospitals for non-emergency services. East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust which says it is experiencing problems with computers and phone systems, BBC reported. Similarly, Derbyshire community health services has suspended all its operations after the attack. The cyber attack is followed by a ransom demanding $ 300 for enabling access to their personal computers.

england cyber attack

A health worker told the Guardian, “At approximately 12.30pm we experienced a problem with our email servers crashing. Following this a lot of our clinical systems and patient systems were reported to have gone down.

“A bitcoin virus pop-up message had been introduced on to the network asking users to pay $300 to be able to access their PCs. You cannot get past this screen. This followed with an internal major incident being declared and advised all trust staff to shut down all PCs in the trust and await further instructions.

“This is affecting the east of England and number of other trusts. This is the largest outage of this nature I’ve seen in the six years I’ve been employed with the NHS.”

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