Beware, you could be getting petrol worth only Rs 900 for every Rs 1000

Petrol Pump Scam


A special task force of Uttar Pradesh police has unearthed a petrol pump scam that can be worth crore in the state. According to reports, the STF found an external device inside petrol dispensing machines that would cut the flow of petrol by 5 to 10 per cent, which enables the machine to dispense petrol worth Rs 900-950 for every Rs 1,000 paid by consumers. The police have found these chips in 7 petrol pumps in Lucknow and have arrested 23 people in a cheating case.

Petrol Pump Scam

According to the STF, they have also arrested a supplier of these chips. He revealed the modus operandi of the nexus of petrol pump owners and him: he would install chips in petrol pump dispensers for Rs 3,000 per unit. This will cut petrol flow by upto 10%. This means for every Rs 1000, a consumer would get petrol worth Rs 900. This cheating would give a direct benefit to the petrol pump owners to the tune of Rs 15 lakh per month. This would be an unaccounted money that would even evade the tax scanner.

Amit Pathak, SSP, STF, informed News18 India that the arrested chip vendor said that he had also installed such chips in petrol pumps in the state capital. The officer said that he can be a member of a gang and that more than one gang could be operating in Uttar Pradesh.

According to a report in India Today, the chip installer, identified as Ravinder has told the STF that he has installed these chips for Rs 3000 to Rs 40,000. He said that he would buy these chips from a company in Kanpur and sold them to pump owners. He also provided service and maintenance for these chips.

A Network 18 report suggests that 80 per cent of the state petrol pumps may be using these chips. This gives an indication that pumps in the national capital may also be using these chips. Meanwhile, the UP police have registered 7 FIRs and are investigating the case.

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