Atleast 39 killed in car bomb blast hits near Aleppo in syria

Syria War


Atleast 39 Peoples were killed and lot of were injured in car bomb blast near northern Syrian city of Aleppo while evacuation operation was underway. According to syrian press report, death toll had reached 39 which also included women and children. Now that place is controlled by opposition fighters.

syria car bomb blast
Image credit : Daily Mail

A Local source says, The Blast that place took on saturday was caused by powerful car bomb, causing huge damage. In a footage telecast by local channel (Syrian TV) peoples and fighters body parts were strewn outside of the bus include some vehicles were badly burned in the explosion.

The car bomb blast took place near an area were buses carrying more than 4500 peoples from Foua, Kfraya and northern Syria villages.

On friday More than 2000 peoples evacuated from Madaya to outside of the Damascus which was controlled by government Forces.

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According to Some reports suggest that the explosion left a large number of people killed and the death toll may rise further. Al Ikhbariya state TV showed a number of bodies lying on the floor with a huge plume of black smoke rising in the background.

Nearly 5000 peoples struck near Aleppo city. For last few days, thousands of residents and activists were evacuated from their controlled towns and have to spent the night in buses at an exchange point.

Three womens gave birth inside the busses amid tough humanitarian situation as those people have been waiting there for 24 hours without enough food or water.

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