Agni-1 missile : How is it work and Full Specifications

Agni-1 missile Specifications


Agni-I is operating by the 334 Missile Group at Secunderabad, under the Strategic Forces Command (SFC) of the Indian Army. Here we are point out agni-1 missile specifications.

agni 1 missile specifications

  • Agni-1 Missile is developed by DRDO of india.
  • It is Medium Range Ballistic Missile.
  • This Missile Operational Range of 700–1250 kms.
  • This missile can carry Strategic nuclear conventional HE-unitary and fuel air explosives war heads.
  • It is claimed to use 8 x 8 Tatra TELAR (Transporter erector launcher) Rail Mobile Launcher.
  • The first test launch was conducted on October 5, 2007 from Wheelers Island and the latest one being on November 27, 2015.
  • It is propelled by solid fuel.
  • The 15 metre tall Agni-1 missile, weighing about 12 tonnes, is capable of carrying both conventional as well as nuclear warheads of 1,000 kg.
  • missile developed after the Kargil War to fill the gap between 250 km range of Prithvi-II and 2,500 km range of Agni-II.

Specifications of Agni-1 Missile :

  • Agni-1 Missile Weight : 12,000 kg.
  • Length of the agni missile is 15m.
  • Diameter  of the agni missile is 1.0m.
  • Single Stage Engine is used in Agni-1 missile.
  • Operational range is 700 km to 1250 km.